Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gear Ideas...?

While at the Colorado Trout Unlimited youth camp, I was fortunate enough to win the windwalker chest-pack from fishpond in the raffle that we had.  I love the pack because of how roomy it is, but now that I am  moving into this new pack, I am also looking for any good gear items that should not be left out of my set-up.  Remember, I am fifteen, so mowing yards, tying flies, and doing chores provide income, so I am looking for things that sell for a decent price as well.

It can be things that make life easier, things that are durable, things that are aesthetically pleasing, etc.  Also, I am looking for a good scale to weigh fish.  Does anyone have suggestions for that?

Anything helps, and I appreciate all of your time.  Again, I am just looking for some items that I may be missing that are essential to any fishing vest.

One more thing. I did some Stillwater fishing awhile back, and forgot to post pictures. For what it's worth, here are a couple of pics for entertainment.

Fat Female 'Bow

The Release

Bent up hook


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