Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doing alright

Hey guys. I have received a tremendous amount of support from all of you in fighting the district on their decision to cancel the fly fishing club. I have been busy working back and forth with them, thus the sparse amount of updates on the situation. Thanks to countless letters from all of you and a little bit of fighting spirit, we were able to convince the district to let us continue meeting as of now. While we don't have as much freedom as before, the solution will work for the time being. 

I did talk to 9 News, but as we all know, the news can damage your cause just as much as it can help it. I made it clear that I wanted to work on the issue a little more by myself and at least try to figure out a solution before jumping right into a national television rant. 

For now, we are doing well. To those of you who wrote letters to help the cause; I very much appreciate your kind actions in doing so. Those letters were an immense help in gaining back our club. I appreciate all of the support, as do all of the other members of our club, but as of now, the situation is under control.Thank you for your time and support.

Best Regards,
Jake Ruthven

Saturday, December 8, 2012

In need of some help

As most of you know, I am a high school student in Fort Collins. Ever since my freshman year, I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the Fly Fishing Club at the school. Through the club I have formed valuable friendships with students and teachers alike.

So, as of yesterday, the school district informed me that it has cancelled the fly fishing club, and has prohibited any meetings from commencing due to the "Inherent danger associated with the sport". Now, I don't know about you guys, but that is a load of crap. We can have football but not a fly fishing club? 

That is where you guys come in. It would be amazing if at least one of you was able to find the time to write a short essay regarding the benefits of the sport of fly fishing, reasons behind keeping the club, etc. In short, just try to write a paper that would help build my case as to why the Fly Fishing Club should not be shut down.

I know how much he sport means to me, as well as how much it means to all of you. Having a school prohibit its students from having a club that many student's love is absolutely ludicrous. Please feel free to eMail me at for more information.

Thank you, your help is much appreciated!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Reaper

This week's pattern comes from the creative mind of Mike Schmidt over at Angler's Choice Flies. The pattern presents a large profile in the water, and draws highly aggressive grabs from big fish. Dig out some hooks and get tying!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Mufasa

As most have probably noticed, streamers are pretty common on this site. This week highlights the Mufasa, a pattern created by none other than Mike Schmidt. This is an excellent pattern for slightly deeper water, and it has tremendous movement in the current. I'll be tying lots of streamers at each of the fly fishing shows this year, so keep an eye open for any upcoming demos and shows!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's been awhile

It's interesting how things can consume one's life. For myself, school has been the consumer of my life as of late. As those that actually pay attention to my site have probably noticed, my posting activity has been minimal since August. Oddly enough, August marks the first month of school. At any rate, I have just enough time to post a few pictures from the last few months of fishing before my next class starts. 

I managed to do some guiding this summer too, the above pictures are of a particularly special trip. It was my first ever trip out with paying clients... One could say it was a good day.

Forrest, a good friend and mentor of mine, asked me to help him out with getting his first carp. So... we did exactly that. Forrest, I can't thank you enough for putting up with my annoying questions, and teaching me all that you know about both fishing, and hunting.

Of course, I had to catch a few myself...

Grayling got checked off of my to-do list finally...

Most beautiful fish of the summer

My good friend Quinn with an eager mouse/gigantic caddis eating brown.

High country hiking and fishing were a must...

And of course what would pictures be without a fish of the summer. This beast of a common wins the award for big fish of the summer by far.

So, to those that enjoy reading/viewing my site, I apologize for the lack of activity, just know that if school wasn't consuming my life, I would be posting every single day. "Like" Fins on the Fly on Facebook, and keep reading!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Guiding Friends

Most high school kids these days thrive on being the most popular that they can possibly be.  The jocks, the rich kids, etc.  As one of only a few fly fishermen at my school, I seem to stand out as "the different one", but in a good way.  Lately, many friends of mine have asked me to take them fly fishing, and most times, I am happy to oblige.

So, when my good friend Claire brought up the idea of going fishing, I jumped on the opportunity, and off we went.

It was quite funny watching her fight the big largemouth pictured below, but she landed it, and that's all that counts. We started off small, catching innocent bluegill, and eventually worked our way up to a respectable largemouth.  Long story short, it was a good day to be outside, and it was awesome to see one of my friends having fun on the water.

Claire's big largemouth!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Addiction at its Finest

As a student, I constantly hear the saying "you learn something new every day."  For Forrest Carpenter, a good friend of mine, this day would exemplify the above statement more than perfectly.  

Fly fishing for carp is, in my opinion, one of the fastest growing sectors of our beloved sport.  What was once thought of as a "trash fish" is quickly becoming the most addicting tug in the industry.  The incredible wittiness of these fish drives anglers like myself to insanity trying to hook them, only to have all that frustration thrown out the window as soon as the higher pitches of your reel are reached with each screaming run.

It started with a phone call from Forrest saying that he was up in Fort Collins, and wanting to catch some fish.  When asked if he had ever landed a carp on the fly, his answer was rather straight forward: "No, but I'd like to change that today!"  With that, it was game on....

....And the game was played. With one rejection after another, and countless curse words, we struggled to hook fish.  Approaching a submerged stump, we noticed a large tail sticking out of the water just past it.  Tying on my signature damsel pattern, I gave Forrest the green light, and he dropped the fly just past the fish, dragging it right in front of him.  Stopping, the fish inspected the offering carefully before flaring his gills to inhale the meal.  "Set it!" was all I had to say and Forrest was deep into battle with his first carp.  Minutes later, he held his sloppy prize up for the camera.  Watching as the fish swam back to it's muddy home, Forrest reveled in his new found addiction.

The same scenario replayed itself once again as Forrest hauled in a stud of a grass carp, successfully landing both of the major species in one day.  

This guy really wanted my fly, believe it or not he is still hooked in this picture.
I couldn't let you think Forrest caught the only fish...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Whiskey Fish

Fly Times productions is an awesome media group that I am so happy to be a part of.  Check out more of their videos by clicking here!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awesome Day Guiding!

The other day, I was fortunate enough to guide two clients along with my buddy Forrest, the head guide.  I was nervous going into the day, but by the end of the trip, my client had landed more than 20 fish, and to say the least, he was happy.  Below are some pictures from the day.

Forrest and his client with a nice chromer...

Forrest and his cients' fish of the day!

Happy Client with an awesome 'Bow

My client and his fish of the day!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Signaling of Summer

The wind howled through the willows as they doubled over seemingly to shelter themselves from the brutality of the imposing force.  Waves crashed against the grassy shore as we pulled into what would become our home for the next two days.  Vincent had already landed a fish by the time we got there, and sat proudly beside his perfectly assembled tent, as if to give casey and I an extra incentive to get going.  A mere ten minutes passed as we threw together our tents and changed into our waders.

"I hope this dies down, there's nothing I hate more than fishing in the wind" Casey muttered under his breath.  I watched as he forged a perfect path through the wind bitten air with his masterful casting stroke, admiring the simplicity his methods were fueled by.  Chironomids buzzed like a power-line around the lake, signaling the start of a long summer to come. Chuckling as the lake began boiling with eager fish, he looked around in appreciation, seemingly lost in his surroundings.

About a month earlier, a few of us had made plans to spend the weekend camped out at Delaney Buttes, and it was sure to be an unforgettable time.  Both Casey and Vincent have been and still are mentors of mine in the sport, and have taught me much of what they know, a gift I cannot thank them enough for.  I have spent countless hours annoying them both with my methodical questions, trying to unlock anything and everything they hold within.  As the nights get warmer, there is nothing I love more than sitting by a campfire with friends, and looking back at this trip, I'm reminded that these are the times that will never escape my best memories.  Sometimes you just have to say "screw it, I'm going camping this weekend."

Casey watched intently as his tiny dry fly sat perched on the still surface, trying its best to support the offering suspended below.  Without losing focus, he sat, perched like a heron waiting to strike.  Time passed, and before long, a trout fell victim to his offering.  setting confidently, he buried the hook in the corner of the fish's jaw, and fought it quietly to the last burst of energy the fish could muster up.  Delicately removing the hook, he placed the fish back into the water with the upmost appreciation for its natural beauty, and smiled as it flicked water at his face signaling its departure.

The satisfaction could be seen in his face, a sight unparalleled. He checked his rig, and continued fishing, the way it was meant to be.

Of course, he didn't catch the only fish...

Vincent Su Photo

Working it...

Doubled up!

Todd with a dandy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A carpin' surprise

"There's a tail, 12:00, about 25 feet out... you got one shot, don't mess it up."  My brother sat on the bank teasing me as I did my best to convince the large "carp" to eat.  I stared into the water for a few minutes following his every movement in hopes of determining his pattern.

Every few seconds, bluegill would come leaping out of the water hurriedly, and disappear back into the depths.  One presentation after another ended up being stolen by a pesky panfish, and it was starting to annoy me.  Trying my best to avoid the panfish, I waited until the tail came closer to shore, and only then would I present my offering.

What seemed like hours passing turned out to be only a few minutes as I waited for my shot at the fish.  As the large, looming tail approached the bank, I dropped the fly on his nose, and watched as the tail accelerated quickly, and then came to an abrupt stop.  I waited, "one mississippi, two mississippi, set!"  I gave the line a tough strip set, and before my eyes, line began peeling away from my reel.  Game on.

With nothing but a mud bottom, the fish didn't have much to do but run, and with 2X tippet, he only lasted a short time before succumbing to the constant pressure of my line.  As I slid him on shore, I realized hat this was no carp.  With whole bluegill tails hanging from his throat, I couldn't believe my eyes as I hoisted the largemouth from the water.  While I was hoping for a carp, I was equally as happy with a fish of this caliber.

Excited? Yeah, you could say that!

I revived the fish carefully, and watched as he swam slowly back to his feeding grounds.  It puzzles me as to why he was tailing like a carp, but I guess I'll never know!
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