Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesday Tie~Home Invader Take Two

I got a request from one of my friends to try an olive version of the Home Invader with a stinger hook rather than on stationary hook.  So, I decided to put my english paper on hold for a few minutes, and give it a shot.  I messed around a bit, and here is what I came up with.
Quartering View

Before a Swim

Olive Stinger version after a swim.  I really dig the profile of it with the stinger hook
Materials are the same except for the loop tied in at the back that you will use to attach your stinger hook.  I prefer 30 pound power pro fishing line, though Dacron backing will work fine as well.

 This one's for you Charlie!


  1. Jake, I love it, and really appreciate the time you took to try it out. If you have time make those eyes red on there, and I'll test the crap out of the fly for you. I have had a lot of takes on the home invader that didn't result in hook ups because of the lack of a stinger hook. Your tie looks so legit.

    Olive seems to be the streamer thats given me the most luck as of late

  2. Charlie,
    Thanks for the compliment! Im going out tonight to buy some more stinger hooks, olive fox, and some red lead eyes, so I will have some more done soon! I wanna send you a few to try out, so just message me your address on Facebook.

    I wanna see some pics if they work for you!


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