Friday, July 20, 2012

Guiding Friends

Most high school kids these days thrive on being the most popular that they can possibly be.  The jocks, the rich kids, etc.  As one of only a few fly fishermen at my school, I seem to stand out as "the different one", but in a good way.  Lately, many friends of mine have asked me to take them fly fishing, and most times, I am happy to oblige.

So, when my good friend Claire brought up the idea of going fishing, I jumped on the opportunity, and off we went.

It was quite funny watching her fight the big largemouth pictured below, but she landed it, and that's all that counts. We started off small, catching innocent bluegill, and eventually worked our way up to a respectable largemouth.  Long story short, it was a good day to be outside, and it was awesome to see one of my friends having fun on the water.

Claire's big largemouth!


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