Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doing alright

Hey guys. I have received a tremendous amount of support from all of you in fighting the district on their decision to cancel the fly fishing club. I have been busy working back and forth with them, thus the sparse amount of updates on the situation. Thanks to countless letters from all of you and a little bit of fighting spirit, we were able to convince the district to let us continue meeting as of now. While we don't have as much freedom as before, the solution will work for the time being. 

I did talk to 9 News, but as we all know, the news can damage your cause just as much as it can help it. I made it clear that I wanted to work on the issue a little more by myself and at least try to figure out a solution before jumping right into a national television rant. 

For now, we are doing well. To those of you who wrote letters to help the cause; I very much appreciate your kind actions in doing so. Those letters were an immense help in gaining back our club. I appreciate all of the support, as do all of the other members of our club, but as of now, the situation is under control.Thank you for your time and support.

Best Regards,
Jake Ruthven


  1. Thanks Jake, I'm glad there has been some resolution.

  2. Hey Jake,
    any updates?
    were you able to get the club back and running or is the status still in limbo?
    Let me know if you need another letter or anything else i can do to help. I'm lucky that I was able to start fishing young and hope other people have the same opportunity.
    stay in touch


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