Sunday, October 30, 2011

Small Flies and Light Tippets...

I got a call yesterday from my good friend Dennis Martin inviting me to go fish with Vincent Su and himself today.  I gladly accepted the invitation, and made plans with Dennis to meet Vincent in the parking lot at 9:30.

So, I arose to the sound of my alarm, threw on my favorite fishing clothes, jumped into the truck with Dennis, and off we went.  About an hour later, we were rigging up, and sharing stories of our recent fishing ventures with Vincent.  After extended conversations, we set out in search of our quarry.

Upon arrival at the river, we noticed several fish taking small midge pupa just below the surface, so we each took turns targeting specific fish with super tiny flies and light tippets.

Jake Ruthven photo

Jake Ruthven photo

The flies towards the top are bigger, but we were using the ones in the bottom right corner...size 30 2X short

Vincent Su with a fiesty little brown

Dennis Martin with a beautiful brown
Long story short, we all ended up having a tremendous day on the water, and despite not catching any monsters, each other's company made it such a joy to be out.

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