Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Tie ~ Depth Charge Bird's Nest

This pattern is a twist on the once famous Bird's Nest fly pattern created by Cal Bird.  The original pattern is tied using a small brass bead in order to hold the fly just below the surface.  This version is tied with a brass bead in front, and a tungsten bead behind it, giving it the weight needed to reach fish holding in deeper water.  I like to fish this fly behind a mercury flashback pheasant tail, or any other pattern with a mercury bead because the bird's nest gives the fish a nymph option, and a mercury pattern gives them an emerger option.  So without further ado, the Bird's Nest...

Materials List:
Hook: TMC 2457, size 12-18
Thread: Rusty Brown 70 Denier UTC
Beads: Gold tungsten sized to hook, and black brass sized to hook.  (Black goes on first, and then gold.  The tungsten bead is threaded with the bigger hole facing forward so that it hugs the back of the brass bead)
Weight: Lead wire, sized to hook
Tail/Antennae: Amber Goose Biots
Abdomen/Thorax: Arizona synthetic dubbing, color of your choice
Rib: Small Gold UTC Ultra Wire
Legs: Hen Back Fibers

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